Monday, March 26, 2007


The first song remembers me my father because he likes very much his types of songs, he always hears those songs when he gets to the house on saturdays after the beach. I imagine him sitting on the sofa hearing this song. My father is the type of person who likes music with instruments like pianos, violins, and those types of instruments. He really likes this type of music.

When I hear this song I remember the movie of Coyote Ugly. I remember this movie because there is a part on the movie when all the girls on the bar start dancing this type of music and they did very cool dances. I remember that they did like type of cowbow dances and it was very cool. This was the first thing that I picture in my mind when I heard this song.

The third song make me imagine that I was older and that one they I went to the farm with all my family. I was very bored sitting under a tree. Later the man that takes care of the farm told me to help him take fruits of the trees. I was so bored that I thought it was a good idea so I stood up and go with him to take fruits. Later the man told me that he was going to look for his guitar. He came and he started playing a song in the guitar and then he started singing. I like very much the song he was playing so I began to dance beside him and running through the trees dancing. Then all the people form the other farms get to this farm and started dancing with me, I had a great time while I dance. This is the first thing that I imagine while I heard this song.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Teen Life Project.. A Great Experience!

When Mr. Hide told us about doing this I project I thought is was going to be really boring. He told us that it was going to be a very long project that requires a lot of information, so I really thought I dint wanted to make this project. While I started doing all the posts all the weeks I thought that each time I was learning more and it was being very interesting, and it was. Later we talk with the people of the other countries and I think it was really cool, so I start liking this project a lot and learning many things. At the end of this project I really think that is was one of the best projects that I had done!

I think that I choose the best choice by picking bulimia because I had learned a lot about it and I think that it was very interesting. Each time that I wrote about bulimia I learned more and discovered many things. One of the best things that I thought of doing this project was sharing with people of different countries, I think that this was a excellent opportunity to share with other people and this project was different from all the other projects that I had done. I think it was very cool to share ideas with other people and have their opinion and suggestions. I think that together the people of the other countries and me had done a good job in this project and I hope they had learned as much as I did. The teen life project was a great experience to me especially because I had learned a lot about bulimia and also sharing with other people was great!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Bulimia is an eating disorder that is more common in women on their 20's. People with bulimia binges eat at least two times at a week for at least 3 months. They use a lot of things to help them be thin and prevent to gain weight like laxatives, a lot of dieting, excessive amount of exercise, diuretics, and obviously vomiting. These people are never happy with their bodies; they always want to be thinner. Bulimics usually maintain a healthy weight while anorexia is often a severe loss of weight. People with bulimia usually have a puffy face; they also have swollen fingers and discolored teeth. They go to the bathroom a lot after eating to purge. Bulimia damages the digestive system and affects electrolyte balances which damages organs. The excess of purging possibly could rapture the esophagus. Bulimia causes fatigue, so then they start to eat in excess and then they purge. Bulimia also causes depression, and usually people with bulimia uses drugs. Also they have stomach pains and irregular heart rate. When you purge the stomach acids ruin your teeth, so the teeth decay. To eliminating bulimia they main thing that doctors try to do is to eliminating binging and purging. They also force the person to eat three meals a day and exercise but not excessively and treat psychological issues such as mood or anxiety disorders.

I think that bulimia is the most damaging eating disorder the same as anorexia. I think that bulimia requires a lot of help and a long treatment to help the person gain their normal weight again and healthier, but I think that the most important think to recover of bulimia is that the person wants to recover, because then they will never recover because they would not follow the things that doctors or the person that helps them said them to do. I think that if the person don’t do what they have to do to recover they would never recover so they would have serious problems like death, and I think is not fair that people dies only because they don’t like their bodies and they want to be thin. But almost all of the time people with bulimia recover faster than the people with anorexia. And anorexia is worse than bulimia because they think that they are really fat and want to be thinner each time and they are really disappearing.

How you know, bulimia is a very bad eating disorder that can have severe problems. If you don’t have a good treatment if you get on bulimia, how I said you need to have doctors, nutritionists, or any person that helps you to have a very good treatment on you. Bulimia is an eating disorder very harmful and not everyone has the opportunity to out of it, so you might not get on bulimia and start getting worried about other things like school, your health, and many other important things and not about your body shape and trying to be thin because it will harm you a lot. Well, how you know, I will be writing more about eating disorder and specially bulimia. I hope you had learned and be concerned of the consequences of bulimia. Talk you later! Bye.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Binge Eaters and Eating Disorders

Bnge eating is surpassing anorexia and bulimia. Today binge eating is affecting more people than anorexia and bulimia, 3.5 percent of women and 2 percent of men are affected by binge eating. Binge eaters are the ones that eat large amounts of food and do not purge. Anorexia affects 0.9 percent of women and 0.3 percent of men while bulimia affects 1.5 percent of women and 0.5 percent of men. Signs when a person is having a problem with eating disorders are when that person stops eating during a time and then they start eating large amounts of food excesses and they think that no one is seeing them. Binge eating has many risks like all of the eating disorders. Binge eaters have the risk to high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart diseases. In the USA government is working very hard to find new treatments for eating disorders and they are trying to stop eating disorders trying to do many things and trying to give the best help to people with these problems.

I am really very impressed. I did never think that binge eaters will be more common than people with bulimia or anorexia. But I still think that anorexia and bulimia is worst than binge eaters because specially those teenagers and adolescents are always being worried because of their bodies because they are never comfort with their bodies. One problem is that teenagers always see those famous people like actors, models, etc. they always want to be like them, so they always try to be thinner like those people. one example is Lindsay Lohan, she is an actress that suffer with bulimia and her fans wanted to be like her. I had never seen a famous person with binge eating problems, but I had see tons of people is the United States which each time is fatter and fatter. That is why I think that binge eating is surpassing anorexia and bulimia. I think that fast food restaurants has something to be with binge eating problems. Each time in the united states I see more fat food restaurants and some people get obsessed with them, for example Mc Donald’s. There are some documentaries that talks about this problems with fat people in the united states and specially with Mc Donald’s. I really think that is the time for people to start disappearing some of the Mc Donald’s restaurants because they are in all the united states and they are affecting to many people and I think that this should stop as fast as they can stop it.

Well, as you know all the weeks I will be telling you more information about eating disorders, each time I get more interested in this because each time I found more information and learn about eating disorders and things that I really get impressed like the one that I talked about that binge eaters are getting more common than anorexia and bulimia. But I think all those eating disorders should stop because they affect people and also kills people and I think is not a good think that we loose people only because they one to be to thin or they get obsessed with food and cant stop eating. I expect to learn more about eating disorders by the people who is also interested like me. Talk you later, Bye!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bulimia and Eating Desorders

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder made by binge-eating and the need to be thin. Even people with bulimia who it’s an apple or a salad is considered binge-eating and you have to purge. Non-purging behaviors include fasting or exercise. People with bulimia the food is often been eat secretly and little chewing. People with bulimia often use drugs. People with bulimia also exercise a lot, and dieting. Purging is not necessary to lose weight. Bulimia had affected males but bulimia often affects young women and adolescent girls. Bulimia can affect people of any age. Bulimics may hide food. People with bulimia are always extremely concerned with their body weight and shape. When you purge you loose the minerals that your body needs to work properly. Purging causes swollen glands, inflammation, and the acids destroy the protective layer of the teeth. This problem affects mostly teen girls at the age of 12, 13, 14, all the way through an uncertain age because they start getting worried about being thin and obsessed to much with it each time more.

I think that bulimia is keeling lots and lots of people and with the only reason to be thin. I think that people should do a very big effort and try to find other ways to be thin and do not get too obsessed with the need to be thin, because being thin is not your life. This people are risking their life’s only to be thin, there are more important things in life to be worried about. this is affecting to many people and it worries me a lot. There are other eating disorders hat are killing a lot of people like anorexia and binge eating. And eating disorders are not only being thin, binge eating Is the people who eat too much and it is affecting also many people. I really think that people should stop. But i had learned that is very easy for me to say that people should stop, because I think that when people get in this they can hardly stop it. Anorexia is also an eating disorder and anorexia includes that the people sees on the mirror very fat and they are in a point like disappearing and they don’t have any idea. Each day I heard more and more people that has bulimia or other problems of eating disorders like anorexia, mostly famous people. For example Victoria Beckam, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Mary Kate Olsen and many other people has bulimia or anorexia or sometime had it. I am really worried about these problems.

I know that this information is not that much for people to realize that anorexia and bulimia and these eating disorders are killing to many people only for he need to be thing. And I really want that sometime people realize and stop doing it but how I told you this is to difficult for the people who gets into it. But I think this should change very fast, and I am only one person so I cannot change this alone but what I do want to make is the people to realize what is really happening. Later I would write more information about this, how you had enjoy it and that has been useful in someway.

Monday, January 29, 2007

QUeStIoNs & AnSwErEs

Hi! April, from Mr.Fisher's class had asked us "How is our community like?"

Our community is really very small. But I love our community specially because is small almost all the people know in here. We have many friends from other schools and almost all of this people on the weekends we go to the same places and we have fun. Here in Cartagena we have like 6 towns, but really the most visited like on Fridays or Saturday people mostly goes to Castillo Grande or Bocandrande because in both of this towns are some restaurants and some cool places that people like to visit and have fun. For example, some of this places are like “el campito” which is a place were people goes to play football or baseball, people can also have pizza, or brownies. There also other restaurants that people visit often like Club Cartagena, in there they can go to the pool, or go and eat there and play football. There also other restaurants that people like to visit too like Mc Donalds, El corral, El Otoyal, etc. like I already told you, here in Cartagena almost all the people knows all the people so it is very cool and we have a lot of fun.

Do you think that global warming will harm your environment?

Actually I think that global warming has affected very much to us here in Cartagena. Global warming has affect us because in Cartagena sea level is actually getting higher and higher and later when years had passed Cartagena is going to flood in a period because of global warming each time ice is melting each time more so I think that it is affecting us in some way. Global warming has also made us have here in Cartagena lots of floods in some places where people suffer a lot and they pass a very difficult time with this strong floods so I thing global warming is affecting in some way all the world so something has to be done to help stop this because years later we are going to have a lot of problems.

What are the temperatures like where you live: high, low, or in between?

Well, here in Cartagena actually most of the time, or we can say all the time is really really hot! Specially there a some days that I don’t now what to do! I really get stressed because of the hot temperatures here in Cartagena. But they are some days in which is still hot but you can resist it and is a good climate, for my opinion. This days in which you could say that is not too hot is specially in the month of December. I think that in December we have a good climate and not like other days that I really don’t know what to do and I stress myself. But on this days that is very hot and it makes a lot of sun, I look for the positive things, for example, on this days I go with my friends to the pool or to the beach and we have a lot of fun getting tan, and this opportunity many people that live in other places do not have it. So I look for the good things when there are too hot temperatures, but sometimes it is still terrible!

Monday, January 15, 2007

-*-About Me-*-

Hey! My name is Victoria, most people call me Vito. I am 12 years old and in February I turn into 13. I am in 7 grade and my school is called "Colegio Jorge Washington". I am from Cartagena, Colombia. I have a teacher called Mr. Hide, he is a great teacher. Mr. Hide has assigned us a project witch I think is very interesting project especially because we can talk about what everything we want too and express ourselves saying what we think. I really think this is an interesting project. In this project we have to talk about some issues that we are interested and worried about, I have three themes that really worried me and concerned me which are alcohol and drugs, parents education, and second hand smoking.

Well, I think that one of the most important issue that I first think about was of the people that are consuming alcohol and drugs very much. And what more worries me about this is that children like of only 13, 14, 15, and so on are drinking too much alcohol. And if this people at this age are starting drinking, how is going to be on the future? What more concerns me about this is that this is affecting also other people. for example, many accidents had occur because of drunk people driving, and the rest of the people in the car is also affected by this accident and many people had died by this, and we really don’t want this. I think that in some of this cases the problem is because the education of parents. I think that what parents plant in their children in some way it would affect them by the time they grow up. For example, if a child has parents who get out all night and get drunk and all of this things maybe the child would learn this and do the same by the time they grow up. Or also they could plant good thing and maybe the child would learn about that and do the same.

Other problem that is affecting people is the second hand smoking which affects people very much because for example, if I am beside a person witch is smoking I consume all the smoke of that person so that affects me almost like if I were smoking and this has happen to me occasionally. Many times I have be on restaurants were people beside me starts to smoke and all the smoke gets to me. I really think that this is very rood and a very bad example. I think that people should go to other place to smoke because I think that is very disrespectful with the people who don’t likes that.

Well, I really wish that this changes because this concerns me very much and I am really worried about, I also think about other problems that I think that should change but these are the most that worries me.

Now you know what most concerns me and you also know a little about me. I really hope this changes! Bye

Sunday, October 29, 2006


This year I had go into a sport, this is not a very normal thing in me. I never do sports, but this year in 7th grade I had tried my best in basketball. I am going to the practices wich are very cool. I am trying my best and I had a great time on the practices, they are very cool and specially because I am learning how to play better basketball and I had learned many things. And I enjoy very much the practices because I am with many of my friends some they are even better. I enjoy a lot playing basktetball with my friends, I had a great time.

In basketball classes first we get someone in the team that makes us make like ten minutes of exercise. When we finished making exercide we start making some activities with the basketball and running and doing very cool activities that helps us and they are very imoprtant to make them before playing the game. When we had finish making this activities with 6th grade and 8th grade we start playing the games. First 6th grade plays with 7th grade, then 7th grade plays with 8th grade and at last 6th grade plays with 8th grade.

This year I had enjoy very much this basketball clases. And each day I learn something new. I had also enjoy them because I play with people of other grades in the school like 6th and 8th grades, and it is very cool because you learn things from them and also yoy have the opportunity to play with different people and not always with people in 7th grade. I had really learned many thing and I am very glad I am trying and learning something new. I really did not believe that I was going to get into a sport in this time, and I did get in basketball to see how were them and I liked them very much, and know I am trying my best to get each time better. I had really had a good time in baskteball practices.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Jennifer and her trip to Miami!

Ohh no! It is already 9:00 A.M and I had to go for my tickets at 9:30 A.M. I have to take a bath very fast and take brakfast, and my brother is shouting and he is stressing me! My name is Jennifer, I am a 14 year old girl. It is very hot, I am dying with this wether. This morning I wanted to go to the beach but I cant because I have to go for the tickets. I like living here very much but I don't like the wether, is too hot! I love my parents, and all they I fight with my brother but I still love him too because he is my brother. My mother is getting out from her work to come for me and taking me for the tickets, ohh and there she is. "Hey Jenny, come on we are late, they told us that you have to go for your tickets at 9:30 and it is 9:34."

"Yes, I know, I am ready know, let's go".

Finally! I already have my tickets! I like very much my life here in Cartgagena but I want to try something new. I want to go to live to Miami 6 months. I think that is a great city were I could make many friends like I do here in Cartagena. But I have a problem, I am going without my family. This is very to hard to me because 6 months is too much time to be without my family, and I love my brother although all day I fight with him! I know I will miss him a lot, and I don't know if I will survive without my parents. But I know I am going to have a great time in Miami, with new people and a new school with different friends. And I am going to stay in a house with very nice people. Well, I think so!

Hey! guess what? This is the day! Today I am going to live to Miami, I am very happy. I want to be there right know, I can't wait anymore! Right know it is 5:00 A.M, I have to be at the airport at 8:00 A.M. But know I have to finish packing my bags because yesterday it was 1:30 A.M and I was very sleepy so I couldn't finish packing my bags, I also have to take breakfast and take a bath and put my cloth and finally I am going to the airport, I can't wait any more!

It's the time, It is 7:20 A.M, I have to go to talk to my parents, I enter my parents room and they were still sleeping, "Mom and Dad, Hey wake up it's late, today I am leaving to Miami!" I told them.

They woke up, "Hey Jenny, oww! yes, we have to take you to the airport at 8:00 A.M". Finally they woke up, know I had to wait that they take a bath and take breakfast. They last like halph an our to make this, thay were very fast! Know it really was the moment, I was very nervous, I thought I was going to miss a lot mi family, including my brother, I guess!

I was getting the bags, we were getting through the door! I was thinking if I really wanted to make this, I was so nervous that I din´t know what to think or what to do! But I already had the tickets and I had to go to Miami, this is a great opportunity to meet new friends and new people. I wanted to talk with my mother because I really was confuse! I had a bad feeling, I din´t know what to make but know I was really close to this moment that I can´t regret know, we had last months doing this and organizing that know I couldn´t tell my parents that I am not going to Miami.

I forgot all that I was thinking and I start to think possitive things, so I got into my car and my dad start riding. On the way to the airport I start thinking the great moments I was going to have with my new friends there in Miami. But then again I start thinking of my family, and my brother fights, all of those things, also my school, and my friends that I had here in Cartagena, I think this is a great city with exelent people and I am going to miss a lot all the places that I visited when I go out with my friends, especially the Campito, Clubs, and all this places that I am not going to have there in Miami. And what I was going to do if I din´t make any friends and people treat me bad and don´t acept me like I am.

"Hey!" My brother told me, "What are you thinking, we had got to the airport, come on!", he told me. We had already got to the airport, time had been very fast, I din´t realise that we were already at the airport! My father got all the bags of the car and we start entering the airport. I realise that I had to talk with my mother of what I was thinking about. But I was nervous of what she was going to tell me.

"Mom, I have to tell you something very important about this trip", I told her.

"Yes Jenny, what do you wan´t to tell me?" she answered me.

"I dont know if wan´t to go to Miami, I am very nervous of this trip, I don´t know if the people are going to accept me", I was nervous of what she could said me because we had done everything for this trip for me and know I am telling her that I am not shure.

"Why? I think that youre are going to be ok there, the family that you are staying with, is a very... It's a very good family! Well, that´s what I have understand", she said me.

My mom start saying me a lot of things about that family, but she din´t convenced me. My brother and my father were organizing all the things of the tickets and all that stuff while me and my mom talk about my problem.

I think this was imposible, it was to late for me to regret and don´t want to go to Miami for the next 6 months. This was incredible, I was very exited with all of this and know I realise that I din´t wanted to go to Miami. And I couldn´t stay becuase I had already bought the tickets and there was no way that I could change them and have the money back.

Know it was the moment that I had to get in the airplane, I din´t want to make this, I din´t wanted to go but know it was too late, know I had to go to Miami. It was the moment to said goodbye to all my family, this was to difficult for me, my mother started crying and she made me cry too. I said goodbye to my brother and my father, when I finished I was going through the airplane.

I heard that my mother shouted at me, "Jennifer, come here a moment", she said me. Very fast I go back to her.

"I don´t matter that we have already bought you the tickets, this is your decition, if you really wan´t to go to Miami you can go right know, but I think that this is not a good moment, you are only 14 years old and I think that you could go there for 6 months when you are bigger, know you have here in Cartagena your best friends, you decide!"

I thought that my mother had the reason. I am not prepared know for this, i am only 14 years old and I have hear my family and all my friends, I know that I am not going to survive in Miami without my family! I decide I had to stay here in Cartagena, it is the best choice for my own good. My mother was glad of me, they din´t really matter the tickets, they respect my decision of staying here and not going to Miami.

Know it is night, I am very tired, this was a very long they, it is 9:34 P.M. All they I had being getting out the things of my bags and putting the again were they really belong. Then I called all my friends and told them that I was not going to Miami, they were very happy, some of them even cry! Well, I am sleepy! I am glad that I had not went to Miami, I think is the best decision that I choose, it is not a good time! Ok, so know I am going to sleep! have a very good night, bye!

Monday, October 09, 2006

My Worst Nightmare!

My worst nightmare was when I was at a island with my family and my 1- aunts, uncles, and cousins. We where going to sleep there. At night me and my cousins were playing cards outside. There was a 2- black, thin, hungry dog that was asking us for food, later we gave him a piece of meat that lasted from dinner and then he went away. It was like 1:00 A.M and we were still playing cards, I was very scared because they said that on the islands after 12:00 A.M, there are witches. Then I decided to go to one of the cabins and I saw that everybody were sleeping in 3- beds, mattress, and couches. Later I went down again. I was still very scared because I heard rare noises and I thought in witches. My cousins were still 4- playing, laughing, and eating outside and I wanted to go up to the cabin because I was scared.

It was 2:00 A.M and they were still playing cards! Each time I was more scared. Later I when´t upstairs to the cabin, I was going there and 5-under a chair, there was a big rat! I din´t know what to do, I 6-running very fast, I got out of the cabin and went were my cousins where. I told them about the rat but they din´t believe. I thought that 7-we were all afraid from the rat, but they din´t admited. I start telling them to go to the cabin, after all they decided to go with me to the cabin. When we got on to the cabin I thoght that the rat wasn´t there. The rat had been gone from a little window on the cabin. My cousins said that they knew that it was false, but I din´t really matter, know I was very happy because there was no rat at the cabin! Later we went all upstairs to sleep.

8-Well, I think that this was a terrible experience, but I am glad that when I got into the cabin there was´t the rat, I finally sleep and anything happened!

1- series of objects
2- series of modifiers
3- series of phrases
4- series of independent clauses
5- introductory prepositional phrase
6- introductory participial phrase
7- introductory adverb clause
8- yes, no, and interjections

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Great Blog!

I think that having a blog is great! I always expected that it was going to be very good for me because everytime I write something at my blog I learn something. I also liked very much when they put us to choose a topic to write about because I write about things I liked, for example: movies, books, etc.

I think that having a blog was going to be harder, also I liked when I have to choose my own topic. I think that sometimes is harder than other times, because of the topics, and vocabulary. Know I like more having a blog than I was before, know I like to post. I also like when people write me comments because they give there opinions and sometimes ideas that could help me.

I like putting pictures on the posts because it is very easy and it makes the posts look better. I had Learned many things about blogging! Specially I had learned in vocabulary, it had help me a lot. I also learned puting pictures, and finding topics. I think blogging had help me so much, I had learned many things in blogger!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Great Movie!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made a really cool movie called “New York Minute”. The Olsen’s chose “New York Minute” as their coming-of-age theatrical. They were very nervous with this movie. In the movie they were very different, One’s fastidious, organized and driven (Ashley as “Jane”), the others a rebel who wants nothing more than to succeed as a rock star (Mary-Kate as “Roxy”).

" ASHLEY OLSEN: Right now, we are hoping that it does well and we’re hoping that people like it. We were nervous in the beginning – or excited – that it was going to turn out the way we wanted it to. Some of the reactions we’ve gotten have been really positive and that’s always a good thing. But you don’t really know until it comes out.

MARY-KATE OLSEN: Even if it doesn’t do well in the box office or whatever the case is, we have come out of this movie with so much more knowledge. We’ve learned so much doing this movie. We’ve played producers almost our entire lives in everything else we’ve created. But when working on a feature and even dealing with something like Warner Bros. or another production company, or other details that you can worry about – we definitely learned a lot. "

I think this is a great movie, it is my favorite movie. It is very interesting and very cool because the sister are totally different, Ashley is very sweet and organized and Mary-Kate loves rock and is very disorganized, they never are together. I think many people loves this movie, is a great movie at all. This article is written by Rebeca Murray.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Interesting Story!

Last week on my class we read a very interesting story called "The Three Skeleton Key", I thought it is a very interesting story, but it also is a suspense story. This story talks about three men on an island and many big rats where sorrounding them. I hate this creatures at all! But I think this is a story that has many suspense moments, you dont know what could happen next. But I think is a very cool story although I hate rats! I recomend people to read this story, I like it, it is really interesting! I would like people to read it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Summer 2006!

Well, this year I stay here in Cartagena, but i had a great vacations! They vere specially very cool becuase my sister came here to Cartagena and we were all summer together. She lives in Bogota.

Here in Cartagena I did many cool things. I hang out with my friends, and also i was with my family. I wisit Barranquilla many times, it was very cool because there i did many things , like i go shopping and cometimes we get to sleep there. I also visit the islands sometimes it was very cool!

In this vacations my cousins and uncles came from Miami and we had a great time together, we did many things and had a very cool summer. Well, i also went to the pool with my friends and to the beach with my sister.

But i also had not a very good time because i had like 20 days that I couldn´t do many things like run, or go to the pool, or to the isplands and neither the beach because I broke my foot! that wasn´t very good, but even i had a great time on my vacations.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cocodrile Hunter Dies

Cocodrile Hunter dies after a stingray attacks him. The accident took place
while Irwin was diving off the Great Barrier Reef of Australia’s northeast
coast. The stingray spiked him in the chest and it damaged his heart.

Well, I think this is very very bad because Irwin tried to protect many animals. He protected many species and I think he helped in many ways many animals, So I think he did a very good work.
“I was actually put on this Earth to promote conservation so people can
protect wilderness areas, love wildlife, and feel energy, passion, and
enthusiasm for our beautiful native animal species", Irwin told in a
News in a interview in 2002.

Also, I think that his job on earth was very well done, although he couldn't finish it, he did the best he could do. I got iformation of two article, one was written by Suzanne Freeman for Scholastic News and the other one was written by Dina El Nabli for TFK.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Friend's Blog!

This is my Friend Valentina's blog! She is very special because she always helps you when you
need help. And I know that I always can count on her, she is one of my bests friends.

My friend Ana Caro is also a good friend, I know i can count on her for everything. She likes to paint very much.

My friend Naty H is very special, she is very funny. I always count on her for everything, she is a very good friend.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Technology Helps Us!!

Technology is very important because it help us in many things like finding much information on the web that can help us in many projects and also in homeworks. Technology helps us very much, but technology also makes us sometimes lazy, like the TV, it distracts us and sometimes it don’t permit us to do the homework like we should. Also sometimes you could see things that we shouldn’t see. So technology helps us in many things but sometimes it doesn't.